University has become a challenge for me to push boundaries, especially cooking. Before leaving home I don’t think I had cooked anything past toast and some pasta so I was petrified! I didnt want to conform to the typical student pasta diet, so between me and my gorgeous friend Becca we have made it our mission to explore delicious food!

This evening, with the aid of wine, I decided to attempt a pie. My favourite meal but thus far I have never been brave enough to try from scratch. With the ‘healthy 2015’ looming over my choices I opted for Turkey, a lot healthier than most meat (but still meat), accompanied with carrots and peas in a simple white sauce and shop bought pastry. It was my first go, I’m not that ambitious!

With half a glass of white in me, off I went!

Students aren't able to own such luxurious items as rolling pins, so half drunk bottles of wine are perfect!

All ready to through together, simple as that!

Pastry base ready for pie!

Basting is achieved just as well with a piece of kitchen roll.

Voilà! I am so proud of my first pie! Sitting perfectly with wine, my other favourite.

Ready to go.

Polished off. Nearly licked the plate.


I can report it was delicious and I will definitely 100% make it again! I may remember to season next time (whoops) So I can only improve! You could do it too, leave a comment if you know of any way to improve or to help me out!

Thank you Gems x